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Our ice cream is made by New England’s own “Bliss”! With so many creamy, rich flavors, Shorey’s rotates flavors throughout the season, so check back regularly to see our current options!
*Note: Some flavors listed may not be currently available

Our Ice Cream Flavors

VanillaSimply stated; creamy classic vanilla
ChocolateTraditional rich New England chocolate
StrawberryStrawberry ice cream with strawberry pieces
Columbian CoffeeDark roast rich coffee ice cream
Chocolate Peanut Butter SwirlChocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirl
Peanut Butter 180Peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter swirl and peanut butter cups
Chocolate Chip Cookie DoughVanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate chips & cookie dough Pieces
Peppermint PattyCrème De Menthe ice cream with Junior MintsTM and a chocolate “chewy chip” swirl
Maple WalnutMaple flavored ice cream with walnuts
Pumpkin *seasonalA blend of pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves.
Blueberry ParfaitBlueberry ice cream with blueberry swirl and oatmeal cinnamon crumbles
Dinosaur CrunchBlue vanilla ice cream with fudge swirl and chocolate crunch candies
Boston BlackoutChocolate ice cream with brownie swirl and brownie pieces
Graham Central StationGraham cracker ice cream with graham cracker swirl and chocolate covered crisp candy. Blake’s Award winning!
Lemon Meringue PieCreamy & light lemon chiffon ice cream with graham cracker swirl
Salted Caramel PretzelCaramel ice cream with lots of chocolate-covered pretzels and a salted caramel swirl
Butter CrunchButter toffee ice cream with butter toffee candy
PistachioPistachio ice cream with REAL pistachios
Orange PineappleOrange pineapple flavored ice cream with orange and pineapple chunks
Cowabunga CrunchVanilla base ice cream, chocolate chips, toffee, cookie pieces, pecans, and caramel swirl.
Brownie BatterBrownie flavored ice cream with a brownie swirl and brownie pieces
Milky WayMalt flavored ice cream with chocolate chunks and a caramel swirl
Birthday CakeLight yellow cake-flavored ice cream embedded with candy confetti and pieces of yellow cake, swirled with sweet blue frosting
Black Raspberry Chip Frozen YogurtBlack raspberry yogurt with chocolate chips
Moose tracks®Vanilla ice cream swirled with Famous Moose Tracks® Fudge and mini peanut butter cups
Oreo®Vanilla ice cream with crushed Oreo® cookies
Strawberry CheesecakeCheesecake-flavored ice cream with a delicious strawberry swirl
Mango SorbetMango flavored sorbet *Dairy FREE
Dirty Water®Colombian Coffee ice cream with chocolate cookie swirl and chocolate chips
No Sugar Added ChocolateChocolate Ice cream, no sugar added