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How do you make a grilled cheese better? You fry it of course! The Fried Grilled Cheese Stix aren’t to be confused with mozzarella sticks, as they not only taste completely different, but how they’re made is different. And although that process remains a house secret, we do promise they contain all the delicious flavor of a classic grilled cheese, but turned up a notch.

With gooey American cheese oozing out with every bite, we added a sprinkle of grated Romano cheese, to diversify this grilled cheese’s flavor. I mean, who doesn’t like more cheese?

And It only gets better from there, when you add a side of our signature house-made tomato soup for dipping! And there you have a perfect, mouthwatering, fried masterpiece! Enjoy :)

Fried Grilled Cheese - Shorey's grilled cheese & ice cream
American Cheese
Bread Crumbs
Romano Cheese